Community Kinship Life

What is CK Life?

The Meaning of CK Life is Community Kinship Life. 

We say this because we strongly believe that the best way 

to achieve or have a fulfilling life is to establish a strong sense 

of Community and a strong sense of Kinship (Family). 

Transgender individuals have often been known to feel 

isolated by friends and disowned by their family.


At CK Life we are about creating a strong bond 

as a community and establishing such strong connections 

that you feel like the people you are talking to are family.

Our Mission

The mission of CK Life is to provide the Trans community 

with the tools needed to achieve their personal 

goals while having a sense of community and Kinship. 

This includes providing useful information that will 

help people who are looking to lead the most 

productive life during and after transition with regards 

to health, employment and day to day social interactions.



 Contact us:

By Mail: P.O. Box 6060 Bronx, NY 10451  

By Phone: 917-979-3CKL(3255)

CK Life is available to do sensitivity trainings 
and consultations upon request.

Questions or comments?
CK Life is a Non-Profit organization. Federally recognized as a 501(c)3. 

Please help by donating so that we might continue to do this work.

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100% of the proceeds go to the Scholarship Fund.

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