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We have begun Accepting Applications for this application cycle
Application period will close May 1st, 2012 12:00am PST
Below is the list of criteria for the application process:
-Cover page for application 
Include your Legal Name, Preferred name (if different) and  Contact information
-Personal Statement of 1000 words Maximum.
This statement should reflect how you expect surgery to impact your quality of life and day to day living.  There must also be a clear plan! (i.e. What surgery you are having and after care plan)
- Professional Letter
This letter must be from a Mental health provider with a PHD or MD (No Exceptions) stating how long you have been in medical transition and other relevant information in accordance with WPATH standards.
- Personal Letter of support
This letter can be from a friend, family member or co-worker. Please include a contact number for this person.
- Financial Statement 
This statement must include annual income, annual expenses, how much money has been saved towards surgery(if any), how much money you need towards surgery with a breakdown of expenses.  Also must state whether or not you have insurance and if so, what kind.
 *Each applicant will be assigned an application number. Once all necessary paperwork is gathered contact CK Life by emailing: to receive your applicant number. This number must be included on all pages of application. All applications will be accepted via email at: Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted! 
Selection of scholarship recipients will be done by a CK Life affiliate with name being omitted from the application to keep the selection unbiased. Applicants must meet WPATH standards to be granted a scholarship. All applicants will be notified of a final decision on their application by June 1st, 2012.  
**Any awarded funds MUST be used within 3 months of time they are awarded. If there are extenuating circumstances (such as surgeon has a long waiting list) then that time frame may be extended based on the circumstances. If the funds are not used in an appropriate amount of time then the funds will go back into the pool of money towards the next scholarship Cycle. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this application process please email:


Due to our Nonprofit status you have to be a US citizen or legal resident in the US to receive a Scholarship

***We are always accepting donations for this surgery scholarship fund


100% of Proceeds from CK LIFE products go towards the SCHOLARSHIP FUND
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