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CK Life 2017 Gala Fundraiser sponsorship plans
Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Kim Watson and I’m the Co-Founder of Community Kinship Life (CK Life), a 501(c)3 organization that provides services and supports to individuals seeking gender-affirming surgeries and social supports in a life affirming environment.  I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my letter.
The plight of individuals of trans-experience is well documented.  They are the victims of violent crimes and discrimination.  There have been cases where individuals have lost their jobs, housing, and familial supports when they have decided to start transitioning and live their truth.  Unfortunately, this has lead some individuals to seek alternate forms of employment that can lead to contact with law enforcement and the criminal justice system where some contract HIV.
CK Life’s aim is to prevent the need to seek alternate forms of employment, under-employment, or utilization of public entitlements such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), public assistance, and SNAP (food stamps).  I am writing to you today to ask you to join in partnership with me as I try to begin to help people who, most times, cannot afford the necessities that is required when one is transitioning from Female to Male (FTM) or Male to Female (MTF).  Your “in-kind” support would prevent many of the people that I serve from falling through the cracks and finding themselves as neither one nor the other.
One of the most heartbreaking experiences a person of trans-experience can have while on their journey of medical transition is to experience not being seen as the gender they are. For the men it is being able to hide breasts that make them depressed on a daily basis just as for women being able to have the ability to augment their breasts is a life affirming step for both of these groups of people.  While these necessary prosthetics and surgeries may be covered by insurance, the initial start-up of these costs may be out of pockets that are far too thin to begin with.  Likewise, these social supports are vital to the community of people of trans-experience and these social supports are life saving and life affirming. These social supports also allow people of trans-experience to live safely in their communities.
I am asking for your support and become a Community Partner with me. Help me help these people who desperately try everyday to accomplish great and small things. Some of them are in college working to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and community leaders. Please don’t allow them to become discouraged and unable to live their own truth.  These are men and women who have hopes and dreams and so much to share with the world that by preventing their transition to who they actually are would be akin to stifling a voice that carries so much compassion and understanding.  Let us work together to make their dreams possible.
Please can you afford to donate $500.00 to $1500.00? Your donation will help a man or woman who is currently trying to pay for gender-affirming surgery’s out-of-pocket expenses since most insurance companies still do not cover the cost of certain types of incidentals that can include forearm electrolysis for phalloplasty and chest binders for the men and breast forms and brassieres for the women. These surgeries that many of these men and women pursue through hard work and determination, will make their lives better.  So, won’t you join CK Life in making their journeys a little easier and their load a little lighter?
The benefit to your company would be free advertising, acknowledgement of corporate sponsorship, and many grateful people within the Trans community that will come to you for their future needs.  Please help us to help them so that they can be tomorrow’s leaders.
Event :Cklife Gala/ Fundraiser
Place : Hostile International
Date: February 17th 2017
Time :6.00pm to 11.00pm
Optional Sponsorship
1.Entertainment $600.00
2.Raysor’s Cuisine $1000.00
3. DJ T-Media $200.00
4.Hostile International Space $800.00
5. (5)Organizational Resource tabling $150.00


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