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Kim Watson (She/Her) moved to the US from Barbados when she was 23, hoping to escape the abuse and stigma she’d encountered as a young woman of trans experience. Two years later, homeless and engaging in sex work, she was diagnosed with HIV. Now 54, Kim is a proud mother to her 10 year-old daughter and was married for 11 years . She’s living a full, active life with HIV and is sharing her story about how she overcame stigma, found her voice and established a community for herself and other people of trans experience.

“By speaking up and sharing my story, I hope to empower others to do the same. We’re in this together, we’re never alone


SWER/TGNC Advocacy

J.P (They/Them) is a GNC Nuero-Divergent, Afro-Diasporic Teaching Artist, Street Scholar and Cultural Werker from Washington Heights, Manhattan. Their body of work, and advocacy focuses on embracing queer identities, autonomy, healing through art, and questioning cultural norms. They strive to uplift and center TGNC folx of all backgrounds to be empowered and accountable members of their communities.



Queer Advocacy

J. Christopher Johnson (He/Him) is a speaker, advocate, and change agent whose goal is to elevate standards, empower others and transform lives. As a self-proclaimed COO, Chief Optimizing Officer, he aims to leverage the most out of any circumstance regardless of what characteristics may shape it. As a graduate of Dillard University in the field of Political Science, he deems it a personal responsibility to fiercely advocate on behalf of communities of people who may not be able to do so for themselves.


Advocacy Team

Samson (He/Him) advocates for those who are not heard or seen. Because of the joy, it brings him, he continues steadfast in assisting others when he can.

In my role at CKlife I deliver new ideas and vivid concepts to uplift the amazing work being done.  There is strength in numbers but it is vital to be flexible in one's thinking and still be able to stand together in peace and unity. When this is achieved, only then success will follow. The goal, my goal is the same as the Board of Directors - Freedom, Rights, and Unbiased Opportunities for Trans people of all races, backgrounds, and ages. I look forward to a wonderful and rewarding future of making history with CkLife.



Board Member

Jestina Weems' (She/Her,They/Them) experience in working as a Grant Research came shortly after she formed their own nonprofit in 2012. Since then Weems has helped dozens of individuals in the African American community find the capital they need to assist with a variety of things such as; housing, new business ventures, art projects, movies and more. Thanks to their familiarity in grant writing, technical, and sound knowledge of researching funding opportunities. Jestina has worked with several school districts and organizations to create compelling proposals that effectively positioned VIP’s solutions to meet the needs of her clients and prospects.

Board: Meet the Team
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